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Evolution and Future Photojournalism
April 5, 2011, 12:32 am
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I’ve been doing a bit more research into photojournalism. I found this website with some facts about photojournalism.

Love To know

Evolution of Photojournalism

In the past, photojournalism was a highly specialized field that required proficiency not only in photography, but also in journalism. While the two disciplines are still inextricably linked, recent innovations in technology have made it possible for a new, amateur, do-it-yourself brand of self-published photojournalism to emerge. No longer does an aspiring photojournalist need to have connections at a major newspaper or magazine to publish his or her work. Today, almost anyone can set up his or her own website and publish at will. That being said, more traditional forms of photojournalism are still around, although the competition to land jobs in the industry is very intense. The article will provide the essential photojournalism facts for anyone interested in exploring this interesting field.

A Time To Change

Most people would agree that photojournalism is in a period of great change and evolution. Life magazine is no longer around, and much of the romantic notions that accompanied the Golden Age of photojournalism have gone with it, but the field still remains vital and even more apt to be timely and relevant with the exponential technological advances that are occurring every day. In a few years, photojournalism might be unrecognizable compared to what it is today, but seeds of the discipline will surely remain.


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