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Dialogue Re-shoot
April 7, 2011, 2:53 am
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Today I attempted a second shoot at the narrated shots, using different sound equipment. This time round I was going to record the sound separately from the video files on the camera. The aim of the shoot was to see if I can gain less external background noise over the dialogue than the first shoot I did using the Rode Videomic.

Once everything was set-up on location, we were ready to shoot. The Sound coming from headphones from the Fostex machine was pretty good. It was clear and the background noise was less intrusive. I thought this will be much better than the sound off rode microphone.

When I got back from the filming. I immediately started importing the files from the devices onto my computer. When I heard the quality of the sound files form the fostex machine on iTunes, I was a bit disappointed. It was a bit quieter than I expected, despite the levels I shot at was at best value. The quietness was also accompanied by white noise and some dodgy sound that I thought was a result of lose connection. I thought I may as well sync up the audio with the videos and see if I can make any adjustments to quality.

Syncing the footage with the audio was done EASILY! I can’t believe how software is becoming more and more sophisticated. I used a plugin called, PluralEyes, to do this.  All you do is drag all your video clips and audio clips on the timeline of Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, then export that sequence as a Final Cut Pro XML file.

Then you open up PluralEyes and open up the XML file you exported in the program. Select Level Audio and Clips are Chronilogical, then press sync.

Once it’s finished syncing, you go back to your premiere or final cut workflow and import the synced into the source box and drag the sequence onto the timeline, which should have all the audio synced up to the video 100% spot on.

Here are two comparisons of the sound the quality of the narrated shots:

Rode VideoMic

This has clear and crisp audio, but the rode has picked up quite a bit of background noise. In a way this isn’t bad thing to have in this video, because the message in the video is reminding people we live in a noisy world. So background noise kind of justifies that.

Fostex FR 2LE (Beyer Boom Mic)

This is also clear, but is a bit quiet. I guess this could be tweaked in post-production software. The background noise is significantly drowned out, making the dialogue sound more dominant.


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