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April 19, 2011, 5:33 pm
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Before we broke up for Easter, we had some graduate students from our course that came in and talked about what they’re doing in the work place. I found this really useful because it showed there is a work out there for us students in the media industry. It was also a good for getting insights into what typical job roles are like, e.g. Runner. If I didn’t go to uni I think I would have most probably have started out as a runner for a film company.

One of the graduate students who came was in-fact a Runner, for post-production film work. I have to say my pre-conceptions of being a ‘runner’ was completely wrong. I didn’t anticipate how tough and demanding it is to do that job role. It was definitely a wake up call for me to realise, actually that is not the path I want to follow. If you know exactly where you want to be in the film industry and you have a huge passion for it, then being a runner is probably worth while. For me, I don’t think I’m passionate enough about the film industry to want to stick it out being a runner for a long time.

However, we had another graduate student from our course who is working for a publishing company called, Imagine Publishing. I instantly liked the sound of the work he was doing. There are a lot of work opportunities available in this business and it’s continually expanding as the industry steadily evolves and adapts to new ways of publishing. If you think about it, the publishing industry has had to expand itself so it can offer it’s publications available for download on the web and on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Now, I remember studying magazines back when I was doing A-level Media Studies. We looked at how the publishing industry works and researched different publishing companies. The one that stood out for me was, Future Publishing. I’ve just looked them up again recently to re-fresh my memory of who they are.

We are a media company of around 1,200 employees, working in offices in the UK, US and Australia. In the UK, we have a portfolio of over 70 monthly special-interest magazines, 60 websites, a growing number of events and an expanding customer publishing business. We have our headquarters in Bath and we also have large offices in London.

 At heart, we’re a publishing business – but not just any publishing business. Integrating new media with magazine publishing, our brands capture the excitement of the fast-moving sectors they operate in, providing a direct line of communication to a wide audience, at a time when they are at their most involved and engaged.

I’m going to register and see what job opportunities arise. They have journalist/writer jobs, but you need some experience writing for publications. They also have photography jobs, but nothing is vacant currently, however, I’m going to enquiry more about this.


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