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Motion Track Test
April 24, 2011, 7:33 pm
Filed under: Professional Project

Did a motion track test today, using After Effects, and it’s turned out really well. I used the Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and After Effects. This allowed me to select a specific clip I want to add an effect to and open it up in After Effects from the timeline in Premiere Pro.

All you do is right click on the clip you want to add an effect to, and select Replace with After Effects Composition. This will automatically open up After Effects with the footage all set up. The only thing you need to alter is the aspect ratio, which changes when up open it up in After Effects.

A motion track is an easy task to carry out. All you do is, select the video clip and then click Track Motion. I also ticked the rotation box.

On the screen will appear two white boxes connected together with a white line. These boxes will determine what specific element in the shot will be tracked. In my case, the movement of the mp3 player.

Once I was happy with the positioning of the points. I created a Null Object, which will be used to collect the keyframes. On the motion track box, I selected Edit Target, which will be bring up a box asking you what layer you want to keyframe. I chose the null object.

Then I hit the start track button and it started tracking the movement of the mp3 player. Afterwards it will create a series of keyframes on the screen, like below.

After that I made a random object and parented it to the null object, so it animated in the same motion as the mp3 player.

Below is a rendered version of the clip with a basic object I made:


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