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Specialist Project: A look at Publishing & Digital Magazines
July 14, 2011, 11:41 pm
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For my Specialist project for next year, I’ve got to produce a body of work that shows the industry or audience my vision of a future for some aspect of digital media. From the  PPRD lectures last year, I have already thought about what areas of media I’d like to get into, such as publishing and journalism. With that in mind I think it’s clear to say that my body of work for this unit will be to create some for of future digital media within the publishing/journalism field. Since the birth of the iPad and iPhone, publishing companies are having to move forward into making their content more accessible on these devices.

The print version of magazines are still going to be around for a as long as they can… well more specifically, until everyone owns an iPad! Publishing companies are now able to offer digital versions of their magazines, so people can download them straight onto their wireless devices. This is obviously going to change the way in which consumers engage with their magazines, because publishers are now able to integrate digital multimedia such as video, motion graphics, animation and sound into them. Consumers are now able to interact with their magazines, now that they’re viewed in an entirely new format.

Here’s a look at the digital version of Wired Magazine on the iPad

For my project, I’m still unsure what exactly I’m going to do. I need to take into consideration the future of publishing companies and how they’re moving into the digital world and how it can be developed. I’m going to focus more on the content of the digital magazines, such as video and photography and how it can be taken further in this new format.


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