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Specialist Project Possible Idea
August 2, 2011, 4:39 pm
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For this unit I’ve been thinking about convergence, because that’s what everything appears to be doing in this days and age. We’ve had an array of different devices and media and now we’re heading into the future where it’s all going to be on one device. I know I’ve mentioned the iPad and iPhone extensively in previous posts, but they’re pretty much future proof.  Their impressive catalogue of applications have allowed them to be more than what are, like the iPhone being more than just a phone.

iPad 2 Advert

iPhone 4 Advert

Anyway, more to the point, I’ve thought a lot about taking an aspect of digital media and transforming into a sub category for the application store for the iPhone and iPad. At the minute you can download:

  • iTunes: As most people will know this is where you can download all your music from as mp3 format.
  • iBooks: This is where you can download digital versions of Books.
  • Newsstand: This store is yet to be released with the next IOS update, but it will allow people to download digital versions of magazines and newspapers.
  • What could be next? Well I’m confident that we’ll see these categories expanding more and more. The idea that you can make a digital application allows you the freedom to draw in lots of different multimedia.
I’m thinking of making an un-conventional documentary for this unit and turning it into an application based format. In response to the brief of coming up with something that shows ‘my idea of a future digital media’, I feel that documentaries could be offered as an application.

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