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Shooting On An iPhone 4
September 14, 2011, 10:16 pm
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Today I went up to London to see some friends, but I managed to squeeze in some time to do some filming on my iPhone 4. I recently bought a tripod mount, specifically for my iPhone, which enables to attach it to any tripod available. I had my gorilla tripod with me at the time so I just attached my iPhone to that and began shooting.

Here are some photos of the iPhone in action. I’m trying to experiment how versatile the iPhone can be as a filming device. Part of the attraction to filming with an iPhone is its discretion. However, I did draw some minor attention from the public, who seemed curious as to why I was filming on my iPhone, when I had a more superior filming device with me as well… the Canon 550D.

Tonights shoot was to capture static shots to see how good the quality really is and also to see how well the phone performs under low light conditions. I’m going to be heading back to London in a couple of days, so I’m going to accumulate more clips on my travels in the capital.


Topic Ideas
September 7, 2011, 6:06 pm
Filed under: Specialist Project

I recently emailed my lecture to see what he thinks of my current ‘rough’ ideas for the specialist project. He really likes the idea of using an iPhone to film the documentary with, so I think I’ve established my medium for this unit. I think it’s a logical step forward to conform to using an iPhone to document with. The idea is to make a documentary that can be converted into an IOS application based format; making it interactive.

What is a documentary?

  • A film, TV program, publication etc. which presents a social, political, scientific or historical subject in a factual or informative manner.
As a quick example, I found this short documentary on a street artist, Ben Eine, who uses a projector as a template to create his work. I’m currently basing my Investigative Study on Street Art and I liked this idea in the video of projecting images onto a wall as a template to work on. I think a street artist could really experiment further with this technique by overlaying many different images over each other, to make interesting abstract image.

Eine Film – Street Artist Ben Eine Documentary

I feel I’m meeting the criteria of this unit, which is to show an audience my vision of future digital media. I’m going to use the iPhone as the tool to film a documentary with and the concept of  documentary converted into an application allowing it to be an interactive piece.

However, my next task to decide what it is I’m going to document and how it can be documented. I have been thinking about it for a while now and I’ve come up with a list of topic ideas I could work on.

  • Street Art

  • Multiculturalism

  • Photography

  • Journalism

  • Filming on an iPhone

Now although I’m not entirely sure which topic I should choose, I know that my focus of each topic will be looking at it’s future aspect. For example, the future of Journalism.  Most of these individual topics could in a way interlink with each other, for example.

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