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October 10, 2011, 11:57 am
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Ok, just had the beginning of term briefing of our projects for our final year. As a group, we had to pitch our ideas of what we want to produce this year for our Specialist Projects. This gave us the opportunity to get feedback from Phil and Liam about our initial ideas to see if they were viable for the unit. Now, over the holidays I’ve been working towards producing a documentary, which is shot on an iPhone.

When I began the course, back in 2009, DLSR cameras were beginning to be used as primary video cameras. Since then, my course leaders have embraced the quality and uniqueness of these cameras, that they have encouraged us to use them. I even invested in my own DSLR, the Canon 550d, which I used to film my Professional Project with, because it produces beautiful cinematic DOF. As digital media students, we’re also encouraged to think beyond the now and into the future. I believe DSLR cameras have a long way to go to before they’re considered really good video cameras, as their main function and primary use is stills photography. The video capability is just an added bonus on these cameras, to put it bluntly.

I’ve become a big fan of British cinematographer, Philip Bloom, over the past few years. I found a great chilled out  interview of him explaining everything about DLSR’s and their status in the industry. One of the key things he mentions in the interview is that there is still more work needed for DLSR’s to be considered top video cameras… but, without sounding to contradicting, they’re still great cameras to film with currently.

As much as I love my Canon 550D to bits, I’m now rearing towards another device to obsess with. It’s recently been considered THE number one smartphone worldwide. Yes, that’s right, the iPhone 4. I’ve mentioned before I’m wanting film a short documentary on an iPhone. The iPhone is more than just a phone as we all know. For me it’s a brilliant device for capturing photos with. At the recent Apple keynote event, the statistics show on Flickr that the biggest number of users uploaded photos from the iPhone; therefore overtaking all the DSLR cameras.

Chosen Topic

Although I’ve had many ideas of things to film about, some of them, I feel, are a bit tricky to go about doing. The concept of filming on an iPhone is something I could use as my main focus to document about. I found another Philip Bloom video, where he’s reviewing and trying out the JVC GY HM 100.

I like this video because in a way he’s trying to see how well it performs and how easy it is for him to film in strict areas of London. He talks about the size of the camera, which is pretty small to be honest, but a DSLR is smaller and an iPhone even smaller.

Kai Wong – DigitalRev TV presenter

I’m also a fan of Kai Wong, who reviews all the latest camera gear for DigitalRev. It’s another tech review styled video, but in this video Kai goes out to try and capture something different and unique by doing a photo shoot in the early hours of the morning.


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