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Topic Inspirations for the Documentary
October 12, 2011, 11:31 pm
Filed under: Specialist Project

I’m still working on developing a topic to document on. I’ve been playing with idea of making a slight review type video, with the subject of shooting on an iPhone as the main focus point. However, I’ve also been thinking of doing a documentary filmed in London, because it’s an incredibly diverse city with so much history.

I’ve partly been inspired by this lovely video, which has been shot using a Sony EX1.

South Bank – Created by Philip Bloom

Now I’d love to shot something like this… well be able to shoot to this professional standard of quality on an iPhone! I think I’ve been a bit broad with my topic choices and not really focused on something specific. I think after watching this video, I think it’s clear that I’m focused on locations and environments. I like the opening to the video at Waterloo station.

The Sartorialist 


Now the video itself is a nice short documentary on Scott Schuman, but I’m more drawn to how this fashion photographer works. The idea of going up to strangers and asking to take photos of them because of the way they dress is an interesting approach to engaging with fashion. It’s as almost if  public areas are the new catwalks and the general public are possible targets to model and portray what’s fashionable and what’s not. After doing a few hours worth of shooting, Schuman would publish his work to his blog, often accompanied with short comments about why he chose to photograph certain people. This whole blog was set-up in order to help inspire fashion designers to come up with new clothing.

Although I can’t define exactly what it is I want to do just yet, I’m definitely inspired by how this photographer operates.


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