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October 17, 2011, 4:22 pm
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I’m still muddling my way through the development stage of my idea for this project. I’m trying to think ahead at the same time to see if I can expand what I do for the Specialist Project into the Extended Major Project.

So far I’ve been trying to think of something that I can brand, which instantly suggests there that I’m looking at possibly creating a series a short videos that relate to each other, either visually or narratively. My main distinction from other documentaries is that it will be shot on an iPhone.

I’ve been torring with the use of the ‘i‘ from iPhoneiPodiPadiMac etc. Since I’m specifically using an iPhone to film with, the video outcome will automatically be born into the ‘i‘ category; therefore I could alternatively call this an ‘iDocumentary‘ or ‘iDoc‘ video. For a video to be classed within the iDocumentary category, it would have to be filmed on an IOS device.

For this unit, I’m going to focus on making a video only. In terms of how it’s delivered, that will be more focused in the extended major project. I’m looking to make something that is visually interesting and quite artistic. Music is generally my starting point for when it comes to developing an idea for a video. I want to use a Moby track called, Wait For Me, to have playing throughout the video. There was a competition a while back, which encouraged people to make a music video on a few songs from Moby’s debut album. This particular song that I’m after is available for independent filmmakers to use as part of their videos, so I’m going to request it for my project.

Conceptual Idea for the Documentary

Wait For Me (Lyrics)

Mhmm mhm [x5]

I’m gonna ask you to look away
I love my hands, but it hurts to pray
Life I have isn’t what I’ve seen
The sky is not blue and the field’s not green

Wait for me [x4]
Mhmm wait, wait for me…
Wait for me [x4]

I’m gonna ask you to look away
A broken life will never stay
Tried to hard and I always lay (?)
Days are grey
and nights are black

Wait for me…

I’ve been listening to this song for quite a while now and it’s actually pretty depressing, after you listen to the lyrics again and again. However, I can relate that to what’s going on in the world and in particular, the UK, and it’s economic crisis and how the government are dealing with it in such harsh unfair manner.

I found this image, which contains a collection of newspaper headlines that are all associated with this economic crisis we’re currently facing. For the majority of the people in the UK, who earn the average wage per year, are currently being made to suffer the consequences of it’s government’s actions.

I found this Sky News report that basically gives an overview of the UK’s current economic state.

All I’ve been hearing on the radio lately is people, especially young people, saying how hard it is to live and work with all the cuts being made. There’s are all these questions being posed publicly such as, Is there hope? Does the younger generation have a bright future? etc. I want to avoid being too literal with this video; therefore I’m going to use the music as a way of projecting the idea of the depression that’s looming in the UK. The music will be accompanied by video footage of places around London, showing crowds of people in busy places. I’d also like to capture shots of business e.g. people buying food/coffee from cafe’s. I’d like to see if I can find the booming businesses and the struggling ones.


  • iPhone 4 (Possibly upgrading to iPhone 4S)
  • iPhone tripod Mount
  • Gorilla Tripod
  • Zoom H1 Sound Recorder (Possibly)
Here is a sample of the sound quality of the Zoom H1. As you can see  in the video, it’s clearly a small device that’s easy to take around with you, yet it provides you with professional sound quality.

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Thanks for a good article, really interesting reading how your process is.

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