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October 30, 2011, 4:25 pm
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learning agreement

Name: Daniel Hume


 Course: Digital Media Production

                                                                                                                 Level: 6

Unit: Specialist Project

Reference number: [Write the unit’s reference code – refer to the unit handbook]

Credit points: 30

Study hours: 300

Tutor(s): Phil Beards, Liam Birtles


Synopsis of study

For this unit I plan to make a documentary, which will be shot on an iPhone. I’ve been thinking about how I can make a documentary different. A documentary is primarily a video in which analyzes a person, event or a place. I’d like to expand upon that and make a documentary that involves a website/blog and an iPad Application. However, this is something I’d like to explore for my Extended Major Project. I think my main focus point for the Specialist project is to make a visually interesting video that’s been well edited. I hope to gain some interesting cinematography shots that haven’t been done with professional cameras. There’s a Moby track I like from his collection of music for independent filmmakers called, Wait For Me, which I want to use as the inspiration for this video. I guess the direction I’m going in could be argued as making a music video, but I’m trying work towards something that’s not a conventional documentary.

I’d like to film around London as I find it incredibly photogenic and full of life. There are many stories to be told in London, because it’s such a diverse city with so much going on. The conceptual idea behind this particular video is directly focused at the economic crisis within the UK. I want to capture the natural state of what’s like to be in London at this particular time. I want to shoot people in general to see if I can capture their emotions in any form, as a way to impose the general mood of society. Like the Philip Bloom video, South Bank HD, I’d like to document a particular place like a train station. I want to differ from many documentary videos, which often focus on a particular person. I’m using a small mobile device and I feel I should focus on something more distant, yet personal.

I want to be able to explore the new possibilities of video making by using a very small, compact device and evaluate throughout the entire process, the pros and cons (for example battery life, getting incoming call/texts etc.) Also, for diegetic sound, I’d like to use the Zoom H1 recorder, which again is a small compact device that records stereo sound at a professional quality. I’d like to combine the two small devices together to see how well you can capture sound and video on something small and reasonably cheap. The reason why I’d like to do this is because it’s throwing me out of my comfort zone. I don’t know how well this will turn out, even though I’ve done a test video of the optimum quality and it’s not bad, but there’s still room for improvement.

I also aim to make the video look as professional as I can, deterring it from the fact it’s shot on a mobile device. I’ve worked with DSLR cameras in the past year as my medium tool for projects, but I’m now thinking one step ahead in terms of technology. I remember someone talked to me about a book called ‘The Best Camera Is The One With You’, which contains a montage collection of arty photography taken with an iPhone. I agree with that title as a statement, because a mobile phone is constantly with you at all times and you are more likely to capture unexpected moments with a camera phone than a physical standalone compact camera.

In the documentary, Man with a Movie Camera (1929), the director Dziga Vertov had lots of imitations with the very basic and least technically advanced camera. I’ll be stepping away from all consumer cameras; therefore, like Vertov, I’ll be quite limited to what I can shoot. Cinematography wise, I’m likely to be capturing more long shots than close ups, as there isn’t a zoom feature available in video mode. If I want to do a close up of something, I’m going to have to physically move closer towards that particular subject. One of the main objectives when it comes to the production is the idea of being discreet. I’d like to trick people into thinking that I’m just playing music or a game on my phone; meanwhile I’m actually shooting a video, which in turn results in capturing people in their natural state of mind. I hope; as I get more into the project, to begin to create a new style of filming.


A1 To confirm and develop my systematic understanding of key aspects of digital media, previously acquired in Level 5.

A2 To encourage the acquisition of detailed knowledge, some of which is at or informed by the forefront of developments within the subject including aspects of current research, or equivalent scholarship.

A3 To develop my critical awareness and understanding of historical, contemporary and personal practice within the broad context of the field.

 Assessment Requirements

A prototype design as defined in your Learning Agreement.

Finished Design 75% (Tutor Assessed)

A written report for one of the projects (Maximum 1500 words) supporting the conceptual, contextual and production issues involved in the completion of practical work. 25% (Tutor Assessed)

 Assessment Criteria

Evidence of knowledge of key contextual and theoretical issues – Knowledge concerned with contemporary practice acquired from Level 5 and applied and developed to a higher level (LO1)

Evidence of critical concepts represented in the breadth and depth of subject knowledge – The contexts of production (LO2, LO3)

Evidence of realisation through the application of technical knowledge and skills – Documentation of the project, its planning and execution (LO1)

Evidence of understanding through critical evaluation and reflection – Relevance of research and relationship of theory to practice (LO3)

 Learning Outcomes

 LO1 that I have transferred your systematic understanding of key aspects of digital media, previously acquired in Level 5.

LO2 the acquisition of detailed knowledge, some of which is at or informed by the forefront of developments within the subject including aspects of current research, or equivalent scholarship.

LO3 Through written work demonstrate that you developed your critical awareness and understanding of historical, contemporary and personal practice within the broad context of the field.



http://www.iphoneography.com/ (iPhoneography)

http://www.youtube.com/ (YouTube)

http://vimeo.com/ (Vimeo)

http://vimeo.com/channels/iphonehd (Vimeo iPhone Cinema)

http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/157223 (Blurb: Multimedia Journal)

http://www.richardkocihernandez.com/Richard_Koci_Hernandez_Multimedia_Journalist/Richard_Koci_Hernandez.html (Richard Koci Hernandez)

http://hgc.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2010-07-04 (LOMO like pictures by iPhone 4)


(Condition ONE app combines iPad and Photojournalism)

17th – 21st October

I plan to do a test shoot at Bournemouth Rail Station, just to get some footage and to get into the documentary mode. I then plan to edit two versions from the exact same footage, one being edited on the iPhone and the other edit on the Mac.

I’m also going to send a request for the Moby Track, Wait For Me, on the Moby Gratis site. (Hopefully should get a response within the week)

22rd – 23rd October

Start planning ideas for locations and start thinking about filming techniques.

25th October

Go up to London for the day and do a mini photo shoot. Start scouting for good locations to film at and experiment with different types of shots/composition.

28th October

There is a trip to London this day. I hope to find some time to do a spot of filming, whenever I get a free opportunity to do so.

31st – 11th November

I’d like to take these two weeks to do some filming around London. I’m possibly going to go home for that period, as I don’t live to far away from London, so it’ll be easier to commute to and from.

15th – 20th November

I’d like to take this period to start the edit. I hope to have a rough cut of the video, for the tutorial on 21st November. This will enable me to get feedback on what I’ve done.

21st – 30 November

I’d like to use this time to do any addition video shoots, if their needs to be any. This time will be used to refine the video in the post-production process.

5th December

The Crit. Hand in day.


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