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Twixtor Pro Test
November 2, 2011, 5:34 am
Filed under: After Effects, Specialist Project, Video

Well, I’ve spent a few hours trying to work out how to use Twixtor Pro to a good standard. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not always going to be perfect because it’s a piece software trying replicate something that can only be done using highly sophisticated hardware, such as a Red Camera in this case.

A lot of the example I found online had video footage that was shot at 60fps, which gives them a better advantage over someone who has shot footage at 30fps (iPhone 4/4S shoots video at 30fps).

I’ve been thinking about syncing the visuals of my documentary to the rhythm of the Moby track I’m going to be using. I like the conventional styled music videos that experiment with different speeds of the visuals.

I’m not sure if it’s very clear in the video, but it starts off at 30fps then about 15 seconds later it slows down by half the amount of the original speed. Twixtor definitely gives a much smoother slow motion effect as opposed to Premiere Pro’s speed/duration effect, which is very basic. I had a lot of issues with there being signs of warping around moving subjects in the shot. It’s been quite a challenge getting the settings balanced out to reduce the warping, but at the same time maintaining a smooth playback.


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