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Production Planning Stage Finally Begins!
November 7, 2011, 1:23 am
Filed under: Specialist Project

I plan shots and locations when I start the production stage. As I mentioned in my professional project, things come to life when I’m at a location I’d like to shoot at. It’s the same for this project, as it’s documetary. You can’t really plan what you’re going to capture in a documentary as it’s meant to be spontaneous.

Now that I have all the equipment I need, I can start filming. I went up to London today to do my first iPhoneography shoot for my documentary. I’m usually quite anxious about filming in public places, because I don’t like to draw attention to my self. My thinking behind this project was that I won’t need to feel that anxiety because I’m shooting on a small compact device and I could as discreet as possible. However, I found it really hard to be discreet all the time, especially when filming. Taking a photograph is easier to be discreet about as it takes a couple of seconds…Click, done!

Here are few ‘discreet’ photographs I took while I was walking about. This is represent the filming that I did.

I’ve been going around filming anything that catches my eye really. When doing a documentary, you can’t really plan much in terms of the cinematography. I have ideas of where I’d like to film, then I go there and just start filming and see what I can come up with.


  • Tunbridge Wells Station

Early morning shots of quiet roads.
People on train station platform.
Scenery shots from train.
People sat on the train.
  • South Bank
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Waterloo Station

Shots of people passing through the train barriers.
Shots of train times boards.
General shots of people walking around.
  • Regents Street
I’m drawn to train stations because they’re full of different minorities of people. They’re places which lead people to different destinations. They’re places where people come and go.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
I’m also interested in the protestors camping outside St. Paul’s Cathedral. This might be a good opportunity for me to capture some footage that directly relates to the economic crisis in this country.

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