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November 12, 2011, 1:41 am
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This week I’ve been going up to London to do some filming for my documentary. I like to start editing what I’ve got as soon as I’ve accumulated a decent amount of footage. Sometimes I feel like what I’ve recorded isn’t really anything great and not really worth using, but as soon as I start editing the video along with the music, everything becomes meaningful. Also the structure of the video becomes clearer as well .

So far my documentary features two  protests:

  • Student Protest

I’ve just collected some raw clips I took on my iPhone of the student protest and put them into one video. I like to see what I’ve captured, because most of the time, it’s nothing really amazing. However, watching clips over  and over again allows you to see them in a different way. I find that some bits of footage that I didn’t necessarily think came out well, actual end up conveying the feelings, emotions, messages or a stories that I want to portray.

  • Protest at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Like the student protest, I’ve grabbed some raw clips of the protest at St. Paul’s Cathedrals.

I’ve been pretty fortunate to be able to film these events as they relate to the topic of my documentary really well. They both depict the struggle and depression of the way the general public are facing with in the economic crisis. I found the whole production process of going around filming, to try and capture the real feelings and emotions of the people protesting, quite cathartic. I’m often in a negative state of mind about how difficult life has become for the majority of people living in this country.

Next Stage

I plan to finish and edit a structured piece of my documentary to show my lecture to get some feedback on any improvements that may need to be done. This way I can work in the details and tweak it to really polish it off.


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