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November 14, 2011, 9:40 pm
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I’ve just found a couple of videos, filmed on an iPhone. One of them shows the aftermath of the floods in Thailand. I like how personal this video comes across, because it’s shot from one persons perspective as it shows how flood has effected his home and neighbourhood. Using the 8mm app to create that ‘old film’ look also adds a personal touch to the look of the video as it differs from the footage we see on TV news reports.

The fact that video is integrated into a device, which we all carry around with us makes us Journalists. There is more hunger for as much video content to get to the root of individual stories and events. If it wasn’t for mobile phones, we probably would have never have seen the footage of 7/7 of people walking through the underground moments after the attack. Mobile phone video provides people with exclusive footage that generally would be either to disturbing for broadcaster to show TV or  news correspondents missing the unfolding of an event because they were somewhere else.

News network, Al Jazeera, is currently encouraging it’s citizens to use new media tools such as flip cameras and mobile phones. This is to enable them capture more current events happening in places such as Libya or Syria and feeding it over to other mainstream media, which has limited restrictions to these places to cover breaking stories.

Journalism.co.uk has published this article:

Al Jazeera developing new-media tutorials for citizens

‘In the seven months of unrest in Syria, reporting on the situation there has been near impossible. Foreign journalists are barred from entering the country and much of the local media has been silenced. The international media has had to rely on amateur mobile phone footage being posted online by citizen journalists but verifying their accuracy has been a challenge.’ (Listening Post: The Message From Damascus)

Full articule below:

A closer look the media battle in Syria and President al-Assad’s latest PR counter-offensive.

 iPhone 4 Video

BBC News Report

The second video is short extract from the London riots. This video has a unique perspective of a local resident witnessing rioters wondering down the road and police searching the area. It’s quite chilling actually for a simple short video.

iPhone 4 Video

BBC News Report

I think this proves my point about the iPhone being the future camera for photos and videos, because it’s a tool that’s constantly with you at all times; therefore you are likely to capture un-expected events.


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