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Early Version of Documentary
November 18, 2011, 12:09 am
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I’ve finally managed to compile an early edited version of the documentary. I’ve been having issues on Premiere Pro when rendering, as it kept throwing up error messages, which has delayed me slightly but I’ve overcome those issues.

With this rough edit, it gives me the opportunity to work into the video and add more detail. I’ve shown my lecturer the video and I think it’s clear I need to offer something a bit more different. I’ve already started experimenting with creating a Hockney styled cinematography.

I didn’t mean to export the diegetic sounds from the video clips, however I do like the inconsistent stops and starts.

Brief Synopsis

This is a short video that looks at life through the lens of an iPhone. I’m documenting, discreetly, society in London. With the economic crisis going on, I’m interested in capturing people in their natural state of mind. The iPhone is a small compact device, which has allowed me to be discreet to capture natural moments. The song, Wait For Me, really fits the mood of the video as a whole. I interpret the lyrics of the song to reflect upon how general people in society are being abandoned (Wait For Me), from the people in power (politicians).

New Amendments 

I’ve been thinking about introducing a character to the documentary to basically justify the meaning of the video. The video needs to have some sort of clarification because it doesn’t seem to be clear what it is I’m trying to convey. I know someone who works at a cafe, in Bournemouth, that has a unique perspective on life and politics. He’s a very passionate writer/journalist, so I’m hoping he can lend a hand in adding that special ingredient that I’m needing, to make my documentary work.

  • The beginning of the documentary needs a different introduction. With this new character, that I’m wanting to bring into this video, I could start off by introducing him. Showing the location of where he works and him  actually working.

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