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Added Introduction
November 29, 2011, 1:16 am
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I’ve added some more footage to go before the early edit version of the docuemtnaryt. It kind of starts abruptly and I felt it needed more of an introduction. After the title sequence finishes there’s a cut straight into a shot of me walking with my iPhone, from the phone’s perspective.

I did this specifically to show the audience that what they’re seeing is coming from an iPhone.



I wanted to try and inject a sense of  awakening; things building up. I got up extra early to film some shots of my home town to go before the first shot of my early edit of the documentary.

I’d like to comment on how good some of the macro shots turned out. As I’ve said before, the iPhone camera has a small sensor so I can’t expect a lot of depth of field in my shots, except when I focus in on something closely. I’m really impressed with the detail it captures.

Now that I’ve worked on a introduction to the video, it’s starting to develop into a more structured piece. The way I’ve thought about the conceptual idea of the documentary has been quite vague throughout the whole project. I knew what topic I wanted to express in the video, but I wasn’t sure how I’d go about actually conveying it.

There are a few portrait shots that I’ve used to give a bit more of a variation.

What I need to film left:

  • Film two timelpase videos using ReelMoments 
  • Film two more Hockney styled shots

With the documentary that I’ve edited I want to improve upon it by adding these extra bits video to finish it off.

Post-Production to do left:

  • Colour grade


I’m a big fan of making timelpase videos. I feel they can be used for almost anything in a video. They’re very adaptable! I tried out using the ReelMoments app, which lets you create timelapse videos straight from the iPhone. It works much better than I thought it would. The only downside is once you’ve chosen your frame rate and you start the timelapse , you can’t alter the frame rate.

This was done at 30 fps.


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