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IOS 5: Newsstand
December 26, 2011, 10:23 pm
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A custom newsstand for all your subscriptions.

Read all about it. All in one place. iOS 5 organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in Newsstand: a folder that lets you access your favorite publications quickly and easily. There’s also a new place on the App Store just for newspaper and magazine subscriptions. And you can get to it straight from Newsstand. New purchases go directly to your Newsstand folder. Then, as new issues become available, Newsstand automatically updates them in the background — complete with the latest covers. It’s kind of like having the paper delivered to your front door. Only better.

Maybe Apple’s Newsstand Really Was a Present for Publishers

The launch of Apple’s Newsstand feature as part of iOS 5 has affected subscription sales for Popular Science magazine, revealing that the prominent placement of the Newsstand app and easy access to updated content has driven a substantial increase in new subscriptions.

Based on the graph, Popular Science appears to have been adding new subscribers at a fairly constant rate of about 700 per week during the several months leading up to the debut of iOS 5. But more than a month after the significant bump immediately following iOS 5’s release, the magazine is still seeing subscription growth at nearly double the rate seen before the arrival of Newsstand.


Apple developed Newsstand as a way to allow users to keep track of what could be a large number of magazine and newspaper subscriptions, housing them all in a dedicated folder where they can be updated in the background and display the latest covers to help users identify new content.

This is Newsstand displayed as a book shelf on the iPad. As you can see it’s organized all the magazines clearly for the user to easily select a magazine of their choice. In the top right hand corner of the of the newsstand, it has a button called, Store.  If you click on that it takes you to this new environment, which is displayed below.

This is the Newsstand store, which offers a wide range of magazines and newspapers to download all in one place.

Future Publishing – Digital Publishing 

Future Publishing has smashed the two million container downloads mark in the four days since Apple unveiled the Newsstand functionality as part of its eagerly expected iOS 5 last week.

Future launched more than 50 titles on Newsstand when it launched last Thursday, making it the most prolific publisher in the space. The mix of free, paid-for and premium products has attracted over two million downloads, and represents consumer spending well in excess of normal monthly revenues.

Future UK CEO Mark Wood says: “Future had sold more digital editions in the past four days through Apple’s Newsstand than in a normal month. It’s clear that Newsstand creates an amazing opportunity for publishers – and I’m committed to continue driving our brands through this great new distribution channel.

“We plan to include more sampler issues in every magazine container in coming weeks, as well as uploading high price-point bookazines and premium one-shot titles.”

Newsstand allows users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to find digital newspaper and magazine products in one dedicated place on the App Store, and organize them in one easy-to-organize bookshelf. New purchases go directly to your Newsstand folder. Then, as new issues become available, Newsstand automatically updates them in the background — complete with the latest covers.

At launch Future has over 50 titles on Newsstand, including internationally renowned brands including T3, Total Film, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, .net, Edge, Procycling, Digital Camera and Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine.  Many of the products are ‘wrapped’ in software Future developed.

SourceFuture Publishing delivers over two million downloads in four days on new Apple Newsstand

The newsstand has created a new avenue for traditional publishing companies to become more digital based. The image above shows this process of the post-digital evolution, with the magazines becoming more adaptable to different types of technology and not just print. As you can see from the articles above, people are evidently embracing this new media and it’s just a matter of time until everything follows in these footsteps. I’m researching all this to justify my purpose of creating an application based video documentary.

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