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iPhone 4S Camera
January 13, 2012, 10:23 pm
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Despite the fact that people’s expectations from Apple’s last keynote presentation in November of a newly redesigned iPhone 5 diminished into an identical iPhone 4, isn’t actually as disappointing as originally thought… especially in the photography field. Although the 4S may be aesthetically the same as the iPhone 4, it’s new camera system is a radical improvement from its predecessor. I’ve been really impressed with 4S’s camera as I was able to shoot a short documentary for my last project, entirely on my phone with relatively no problems at all.

I know I’ve mentioned the iPhone 4S’s camera extensively in the last project, but I’m still fascinated with how it’s contributing the photography world. What I’ve noticed recently in the news is that a lot of people and also well renowned professional photographers are really adapting their photography work through the medium of the iPhone. Here are some news articles I’ve come across showing the true impact the latest iPhone is having on the photography industry.

The Guardian and The Telegraph have published two interesting articles on the healthy impact the latest iPhone is having on photography since it’s launch last November.

iPhone 4S v Pro Camera – in pictures

Recently Annie Leibovitz recommended the new iPhone 4S as “the snapshot camera of today”. Photographer Katherine Rose put the phone’s camera through its paces to see how it would fare in comparison with the Canon 5D mkii she uses professionally.

These were taken in very low light. The iPhone (left) captures a lovely picture but it’s a good example of how being able to choose your exposure renders the scene more accurately.

In this example the iPhone (left) has blown out the highlights on the face a little. The colours are brighter and contrast greater but the subtleties in the detail are far greater in the Canon. I have also used a shallower depth of field on the Canon, picking out the subject from the background. These finer details in decision making are what set the two apart.

In this example the colours are noticeably different. The iPhone (left) has done an excellent job in picking up detail in light and shade, and some may prefer the colours but the Canon photo is more true to life.

The iPhone (left) can focus very close-up very accurately. The colours and the deeper shadows combined with a shallower depth of field work in the Canon’s favour, though.

For more on this article…

Source: The Guardian: Technology

Annie Leibovitz praises iPhone camera

Annie Leibovitz, the acclaimed photographer, has said that the new iPhone 4S’s camera is ‘the snapshot camera of today’.

She’s recently been interviewed on an American news program, Rock Centre News. The well renowned photographer has claimed that the iPhone 4S is “so accessible and easy” to take pictures with that she even recommends it to consumers when asked about what camera they should buy.

The photographer said the device was multipurpose. “It’s a pencil, it’s a pen, it’s a notebook,” she said, saying it had meant that far more people would now show her their own pictures of their children.

For more on this article…

Source: The Telegraph: Tech

After talking with Phil today about my project for the EMP, I’ve firmly established that iPhone 4S is going to be once again my main medium tool for capturing video. I’d like to carry on from the last documentary and continue to explore this idea of ‘discretion’, which results in capturing something raw and natural that can’t be caught using high end cameras. As I’m expanding upon what I’ve done previously, my final outcome will be delivered as an iPad/iPhone application. The reason for this is I want to explore the new possibilities of how a documentary can be experienced in an interactive format.

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