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Coming up with app titles
January 16, 2012, 2:27 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

I’ve already started thinking about the title of my application. I feel this way it will force to focus on the contextual aspect of next documentary, rather than just the concept. From my last project, I almost felt like I was ‘invisible’, when making video because I was using an iPhone and it changed the whole experience of filming. It was just more accessible as a filming device; enabling you to spend more time on capturing the moments around you. Another reason I felt anonymous was because the camera is built into a mobile phone, which again gives this freedom of filming wherever and however you like as people won’t realise.

I’ve been playing around with some words to make a really reductive and clear title, one of which is:


The documentary title I was thinking could be abbreviated to ‘doc’ therefore; this has the potential to generate a theme of videos such as, iDoc Life, iDoc People, iDoc Travel etc. This concept is designed to generate many different videos all relating to this theme of being part of iPhone world, but each one tells a different story. This also has the potential to involve anyone with an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to go out and make short documentaries, then upload them to the app.

The second title I came up with is:

The Invisible Camera

I’m more drawn to this title as I feel it’s more specific in the sense it’s a new perspective on the way something is shot. It’s going to offer something different. I prefer this title more because it doesn’t reveal that I’m referring to the iPhone but it’s more driven on the concept of how you can film in a way that makes you discreet from the public eye.


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