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Idea Development
January 27, 2012, 2:17 am
Filed under: Extended Major Project

Name of ApplicationThe Invisible Camera

MediaVideo & Photography 


This app will expand upon the topic from my last video shot on an iPhone entitled, Life Through An iPhone. I’m trying to adapt the concept of watching a conventional documentary through the medium of video, and push it into a new platform as an application for the iPad and iPhone. In the previous post, I’ve looked carrying on creating Hockney styled video shots, which will ultimately be designed as a scene that user can explore freely like they’re looking at a piece of art; therefore developing this idea of a post-digital art gallery.

There will be selection of videos on the left hand side of the screen, however for this project I might only produce one video depending on how much work I’ve set myself with making the application itself. Then once the user has selected their video choice, they will be taken to that video for them to watch.

I’ve been thinking of ways to make the experience of watching a video different. Ideally I’d like to integrate some menus that appear at the bottom of the screen, when video is paused. This will allow the user to view what they’re seeing in a different approach, e.g. Hockney styled and Panoramic videos viewed in a digital art gallery.


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