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3D compositing using global Illumination for Lighting
February 4, 2012, 11:48 pm
Filed under: 3D, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Extended Major Project

I’ve been thinking about adding some minor 3D elements to this project. This will be a big step up for me as I’ve not really exceeded in using 3D software… until now. So far I’ve been experimenting with Cinema 4D to create simple and effective looking 3D elements.

This is brief overview of how I used Cinema 4D and After Effects to composite a still 3D object into a video scene. I used a template from the Vimeo Press website where you can download a high resolution version of the logo. I used this template to extrude from in Cinema 4D; therefore avoiding one of my worst nightmares when using 3D software., which is modelling.

The reason I’ve chosen to use Cinema 4D is because I feel it’s more logical and more broken down compared to Maya. I would say Maya is the top software to use for 3D visual effects, but the results you can produce in Cinema 4D is almost as good, if not better than Maya. It’s also quite an innovative piece of software to, which enables users to composite 3D elements more effectively with it’s Global Illumination feature. This attribute is designed to light scenes in a more realistically by using pixel data for an still image. This data is then projected on to the 3D object/character.

Before I imported the logo into C4D, I needed to convert it to an Illustrator 8 file, which made it compatible for C4D to read and saves the logo as a vector file.

Cinema 4D

I  used C4D as my primary software to create a 3D version of the Vimeo logo.

After Effects

AE was used primarily to really integrate the 3D logo even more into the scene to make it more realistic. I tracked and colour corrected the whole scene to fully combine both different types of media into one video.

Finished Version

As you can the final result is a composited 3D word. This is what I’d like to do, but with the words relating to sustainability that I talked about in my previous post. I feel with this input of information into the video, it should help give the viewer a clearer understanding of what they’re watching.


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