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Draft App Design
February 15, 2012, 10:01 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

Now that I’ve been looking into the software of how to make an application, I’ve needed to think about the design of the app and all it’s functions. The Most important bit of the app will be the layout of the page for main video. From this page the user can then pause the video and go on to explore other things within the app, such as a gallery of photographs.

I’m approaching this design in a very simplistic way, because I’m primarily making an app for the iphone, which has a relatively small screen. I’ve been looking at various examples of jQuery mobile web designs, one of which was Twitter. I took a screencapture off my iPhone to show the mobile version of twitters website.

I liked this approach because it’s simplistic. But it needs to because the content is being viewed on a relatively small screen; making it user friendly. This got me thinking about the sort of design I’d like to create for my app, so I’ve drawn up a rough version of how I want it to look.

I decided it would be worthwhile having a go at designing a draft version in Photoshop as well, to give a clearer Idea of what the final outcome could possibly look like. The image I’ve used for the background is a photo I took and manipulated straight from the phone. I don’t think it will be used in the final version, but I’m wanting to use an image that’s quite abstract and creates an enigma. I want it to reference the concept of the application, which is about being discreet as a filmmaker and documenting life in a subtle way, which doesn’t require me to standout from the crowd.

I would like to elaborate a little bit on the draft design. At the bottom of the screen, there will be three buttons, one of which will be a link to a photography gallery, which has various photographs reflecting on the topic of the documentary. The Second button will take you to an abstract video gallery, which will have videos created in the style of David Hockney and will also reference the topic. All this media content will be captured on the iPhone. The third button will be a called ‘Back’ or ‘Menu’ which will revert the user back to the first page.


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