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More iPhoneography work
February 16, 2012, 6:18 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

Just been on the iPhoneography to see what new work has been published. One person has made a video using a series of photographs that they took whilst walking around London. It’s interesting to see this trend develop of taking a photograph of absolutely anything without being to obvious. The iPhone is definitely breaking through the restrictions of photography and video that are enforced by public authorities.

It’s very reminiscent of my approach of using the iPhone’s camera. The photos aren’t exactly perfect composition, but they’re unique because they’ve been shot in a way that the subject is unaware of the camera. Here is a link to the photographers flickr profile Wilder Biral.

Subject Colour Photography

This weeks top iPhone picks were really good, but this shot really stood out for me.

Apps: ColorSplash and PhotoToaster (Contrast, Deeper focus) and TouchRetouch.

This is probably one of the best best photographs taken on an iPhone that I’ve seen in a while. I really like the snooker balls in colour and the surroundings in black and white. This is an effect I used to try out when I did A level Photography. I think I could re-discover this technique and apply it to the concept of Isolation. I think this will help make the visuals stronger about the context of the documentary.

Test Using ColorSplash

I was curious to see how good the ColorSplash app really is and I have to say it executes the job well. It’s relatively easy to use, you just need to highlight with your finger over the subject of an image that you want to remain in colour. I feel this technique could be used in a way that will help me convey the subject isolation or disconnection in the photography gallery I’m going to include in the app. One of the criticisms about my last project was that in some cases the images weren’t strong enough to sustain the narrative all the way through. I’ve got to take that on board and try to find alternative ways to make an image stronger.

With this affect, the image is much more than what it was before. It now has a solid ground for interpretation with the fact that the train is in colour and the platform and the person are in black and white. It will make the audience question it, e.g. What’s the significance of the train?

The image below is one that I took using the revolutionary camera app, Hipstamatic. I like the fact you never really know what your going to capture when using this app. It’s very much like using a film camera in that respect.

Last night I was thinking about how can I develop this concept of discretion and have it reflected in the visuals whether it’s video or photography. It kind of dawned on my that visually the camera has to appear to be hiding behind something; the composition has to be done in specific way. Fortunately, I found this image which basically exemplifies what I’ve been explaining. The composition of this shot shows a close of a sandwich box with the background slightly out of focus. I’m going to explore this a little with some more photographs composed in this way.

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