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February 17, 2012, 10:36 pm
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Today I went up to London as starting point to help plan what things I could in relation to my project. I didn’t have a lot of time to get everything that I wanted, because one, the battery on my phone ran out quicker than I expected. Secondly, Bournemouth rail station failed to issue me with a correct travel card EVEN with the high price they charged for a return ticket. I must be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for to shoot, even though I wanted to try and capture the idea of isolation and disconnection from the world. But then I also thought about as I was taking some photographs that I could also document the idea of connection between a human and another human, object or environment. Although I wasn’t able to capture much today, it made me realise I still need to refine my idea more.

One of the first photos I took was at Bournemouth Rail station, with this man reading a newspaper. From this image he appears to be on his own and immersed in what he’s reading to by pass time. I think this shot typically conveys the idea of isolation and disconnection.

Here are a selected few photos I took whilst in London using the Hipstamtic camera app. I tried to look for things that had connotations towards to the idea of ‘isolation’ or ‘disconnection’. As I mentioned before, I started to think about the opposite of disconnection, which is connection. It triggered this other alternative focus for my documentary.

The telephone box really associates itself with connection and disconnection. A person can make a phone to another person; connection. Putting the phone down; disconnection.

The next shot, I was focusing on the no right turn sign because with the red line going through, it could easily represent this idea of disconnection. Surprising the woman in shot adds a nice touch the shot because she herself is on the phone so she connecting to someone.

Pigeons are everywhere in London and if you’re lucky, you can often spot one of them on their own, just like the one in the photo. They’re often huddled together in a group, but they have their moments of separation (isolation), like we all do.

The next photo has someone texting on a phone. To me this will be the classic representation of disconnection (isolation). I see it as technology disconnecting people from their environment around them, but connecting to a virtual world. Quite an ironic image.

Business is another good example of creating this connection and disconnection between people. The service they provide and the location are all factors of this.

An abandoned plastic cup is an obscure twist of this idea of disconnection. Many people have a certain connection to their daily drinks. It in some cases may help them function better to get through the day. The fact that it’s left unnoticed, gives a negative impression on the environment; therefore who ever left it doesn’t see the bigger picture.

Here are a couple of establishing shots of London. Considering I took these photos during the half-term, I’m surprised at how quiet they look in comparison to how busy it really was.

Both the London Eye and Houses of Parliament are iconic to attract tourism to the city. They are symbolic landmarks in the UK that people around the world will see lots of photos of; therefore inviting people to come and visit the UK.

I was walking along the backstreets of South Bank and I came across this unused piece of Land. It’s interesting to come across these odd plots of land that are located in nice areas, but never get used and just end up making the area look a bit ugly. Again, I see this as a form of disconnection 0f the environment. This isolated piece of land could, if placed in the right hand, be used to build housing or some small businesses. This would also link in nicely to the ‘sustainability’ subject that I’ve been previously researching.

I took some shots of these nice garden grounds in the heart of residential area as a contrast to the previous shots of a wasted plot of land.

In the next photo I was drawn specifically to the sign. Signs are visual enforcements created by people in authority to control how we do things. For example, this traffic sign means two way traffic straight ahead. Now I interpret this to be a form of a parallel connection, like two cycles of electricity running beside each other in opposite directions and never meeting.

The shot of the rubbish is another form of disconnection. The way I look at it is from the consumption point of view. We as people consume way too much, resulting in endless rubbish being produced and therefore; having a big negative impact on the environment. In the documentary I’d use this as an example of problem we can’t avoid but people are so distracted by their technology, they’re forgetting all about it.

The next photo is a close up of a metal barrier around a tree. I took this image because it got me thinking, why? Why do we have to have this ugly barrier around a natural attribute in a city? It’s obviously there to protect the tree from being damaged from vandalism, which is a good thing but at the same time it’s a shame it has to be preserved in such a way. The message in this image is not being able to trust people. People who cause damage to public property result in being locked up, which is ironic in this instance, as the tree is imprisoned itself. The next image is conveying a more positive message in which that it’s displaying a street full bikes lined up that are meant to encourage people to travel more eco-friendly.

In the next image I was focusing on the post box. I photographed this because it suggested a few messages that I could explore further. One of the messages was the fact that it’s a form of communication, but it’s becoming old fashioned in the sense people are communicating through digital technology. Letter boxes are often used for non-social purposes. I could possibly contrast this image with a modern for of communication such as someone texting on a mobile phone. I think there is a lot I could generate from this one image.

This next image of the pedestrian sign was another symbolism that caught my eye. As I mentioned before, signs are visual enforcements created by people in authority to control how we do things. Now I interpret this sign to be a form of going in opposite directions. I see this as a way of conveying the idea of people not interacting with each other anymore. This could link well with the post box image of communication between changing.

The media is another example I’ve chosen to use a representation for disconnecting from the real and connecting to something more superficial.

iPhone 8mm App

Like the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone, the 8mm app is designed to capture video to the quality of old film. To me the quality is incredibly organic in terms of digital recreation of the traditional old film look.

My short 8mm video test

I think this particular film look really suites the music I’m using for my documentary. The Moby track has that subtle rough vinyl scratching sound I wouldn’t film the documentary entirely in this style, but I think it would be nice to throw in the occasional old film look.


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