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iPad Design Layout
February 23, 2012, 5:51 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

I’ll be using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to execute the task of turing my documentary into something more post-digital. I’ve discovered you can create a slide show for photographs in the new sprint 18 update, which I think is pretty cool. With this new feature, there is potential for me to create a nice little narrative within the slideshow. I originally was going to have a series of pages that you swipe but you go round in a loop direction until you reach back to the main page. But  after some thought, I wasn’t so sure how well it would work by looking at my initial rough sketches. I think using creating a slideshow will be more dynamic, especially as you are now able to integrate buttons.

Adobe Digital Publishing Sprint 18

Sprint 18 has now enabled me to simplify the layout of my publication.

I needed to create something more visual today so I went into to photoshop and made what could possibly be the photography gallery page. I want to go for a grungy and slight retro look with the whole publication. I’ve thought about using the 8mm video app for some shots in the documentary and I’ve already used the Hipstamatic photo app for when I was planning the shots in London.

Photography Page Layout Design

I created a new custom page, specifically designed to be viewed on the iPad. Then I took one of my images that I took when I was doing the shoot for the shots for my video. I then went to deviantart and downloaded a grungy texture background. I then dragged both images onto the blank iPad page with the photo being on the top layer.

I then went to blending modes, which is located on the bottom right hand corner, under the layers tab. I went through a selection of different blend modes until I came across one that combined subtly both the image and texture. I ended up choosing, difference, because it brought out a strong contrast of the ropes and the two pillars over the texture.

I think the background design works quite well considering, I was just playing around with photoshop with no real idea of how I wanted it to look, except quite grungy. The typography is another aspect that I took into consideration.

This page will be the layout of the photo gallery page, where the user will be able to play the slide show or manually scroll through the images.

I’m currently reading a poem written by someone I know and have spoken to about this project. He says he can relate a lot of what he’s written in the poem to the context of my documentary. As you can see in the image I’ve chosen in the page layout, there is some text, which is actually a short extract from his poem. I want to take extracts of his poem and connect them to visual image that co-incides with my contextual idea of isolation.


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