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Front Page Design
March 3, 2012, 10:46 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

I’ve been playing around with photoshop to try and create a front cover for my digitally published documentary. I’m going for a grungy look for the whole piece. I’m using the 8mm app to film shots with as it ties in nicely with music of the piece, so I felt it would be a good idea to establish a distinctive look for the overall project.

I started off with two images I took using the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone. I wanted to create something ironic because, a telephone box nowadays is rarely used by the public as most of us have mobile phones. The subject of the telephone is a form of isolation in the environment you’re in even though you are in a sense connecting to someone via a wireless network.


I used photoshop to manipulate these photos and layer them over a HQ texture of an old wall, which instantly creates this grungy effect.

I decided to add another photo of a person walking, which I’d previously taken last weekend. The two images of the phone box don’t really convey this idea of isolation enough so I felt it needed an image of someone on their own to help get the idea across.

I’m still debating about what typography to use for the logo. The Invisible Camera represents the concept of filming in discretion, so I wanted to give it a professional font type. I like it because it’s got quite a futuristic look to it, and in a sense this whole project is based on the core concept, which is the future of film making. Isolation is the focus of the documentary and it’s something quite personal so that’s why I’ve chosen to use a slightly more unique font type.


I’ve been playing around with this app called Decim8. Rather than apply retro or vintage effects to an image, Decim8, the iPhone app for photo destruction, is a well-done modernist photo app. It pixelizes, distorts, saturates, inverts your images. In short, it decimates them. It’s not traditional photography, it’s more like a corrupt JPEG on a dying hard drive. It’s an interesting app that can destroy your pixels in new and stunning ways.

Here are some examples of my photos taken with the iPhone camera and manipulated with Decim8.



I was really impressed with the graphical looks you can generate with this app that I thought it could be a good alternative as a background design for documentary’s digital pages. Although the image appears quite abstract, I like the fact it creates some sort of an enigma for the user to try and understand what this documentary is about.

I had a go at creating a front page using an image that I processed through the decim8 application. I think it works well as an image, although I might have to consider an alternative font for the title iSolation, as I feel it doesn’t work well with this particular type of artwork.

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