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Documentary Introduction
March 11, 2012, 9:55 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

The documentary will begin with the ambient version of the song, Isolate by Moby. This will transcend into the original version after about a minute when the narrative gets going. I think the ambient version is very dark and atmospheric, which I think helps sets up the mood for the piece.

I always like to start off a video with quiet shots and then slowly building up the pace. I’m planning to go up to London one early morning to get some nice static shots along south bank. I think the early morning is the best time to capture London in it’s quiet form, which will help generate the mood and feel of the video. Plus if the weather is nice, you are also likely to capture this really nice dramatic lighting, which casts an orange glow onto everything.

I’ve been on browsing on google images of London in the morning and there are some really nice shots I’ve come across that I could capture myself.

I’ll be uploading a first draft version of the intro of the documentary.


I’ve spent the last few hours still working on developing my documentary. I’ve currently shot quite a lot of stuff of people engine with technology and I’ve been working on making edit of what captured. My approach to this video project is to use all the footage I’ve shot and start compiling the clips together as a basis to build upon. The short clip above is the introductory piece, which is really meant to set the mood of the entire film.

As my project is quite spontaneous and unpredictable as it’s not scripted, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to capture on my iPhone each time I go out and film. I’m shooting the natural moments of life, which can’t be rehearsed or re-created, they just happen and it’s all done to my own instinct if I see something worth capturing.

The first shot of the lonely pigeon was something I hadn’t planned on using, but when I was going through all the clips in my folder, I decided to see if works with music and it surprisingly does work. I like it because the pigeon is on its own, which references well with the title of my video. It’s also important to point out that I want to get across that people are missing out on what’s really happening around. It’s the little things around us like an animal that’s not being acknowledged because of distractions by a mobile phone or an mp3 player. 

I spent most of the day walking along south bank’s back streets as they were really quiet. I was able to capture really nice moments such as the woman walking into the shot and heading down the street. It’s moments like that, which you can’t plan, they just happen when you start shooting. It took me literally 5 seconds to connect my phone to the gorilla tripod and just shoot that shot. Had I used a dslr camera and a bigger tripod, I probably wouldn’t have caught that moment in time, because it would have taken a bit longer to set up. I thought it would be nice touch to have a crossfade as the woman walks into the shot and her walking halfway down the road to really emphasise the idea of time passing with no-one around.

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