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Intro Development
March 13, 2012, 6:48 pm
Filed under: After Effects, Extended Major Project

I’ve decided I’m going to make the shot of the pigeon shorter; therefore  I’ll be including static shots of London’s landscapes in the early hours of the morning. Shooting in the morning will allow me to capture London at it’s most solitude time. This was something I originally planned to do but I decided to try out something different to open up my documentary.

There will be some static scenery shots happening at the very beginning then it will cut to the shot of the lonely pigeon. I feel that there needs to be some sort of dialogue within that shot to help the audience understand what they’re seeing. Fortunately, the way I’ve composed the shot there’s a nice big space for me to include some text.

I’ve done a quick test, using the track motion feature in after effects to integrate the text into the shot.

I think this works really well to help make things clearer. It also adds a nice touch the shot as it looks like the pigeon is talking to the camera!

After the pigeon flies out of shot, there will be a cut to a static shot of an empty street or a tunnel with the word ‘isolation’. I’ve been majorly influenced by a tutorial, courtesy of greyscale gorilla, which shows you how to make a 3d composite using the iPhone to help light the scene accurately.

The fact that this tutorial consists of using the iPhone to make this work couldn’t make it more relevant to use for my project.

Here are a couple of examples of this technique being used. If you look closely at the reflections on the 3D text you can see the reflections of the environment that the photograph was taken in. It’s incredible that we can pull this kind of render off using images taken on a mobile phone. Really amazing stuff!

These images are a good example of what I want to achieve. I like the environments he’s used to composite the text into!

I’ve already included a time-lapse video in the draft intro, but I’m going to be adding more. As well as the contextual aspect, I feel it’s also important for me to show the versatility of the iPhone as a mobile device. I can pretty much achieve anything I want like you can on a normal camera.

London Time-lapse Using an iPhone 


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