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Where I’m currently at!
March 20, 2012, 12:06 am
Filed under: Extended Major Project

This is where I’m currently at with my documentary.

The beginning and end are blank as I’m still needing to shoot the appropriate shots for those bits. The beginning will consist of the static shots along South Bank and possibly some of the more commercial areas of London early in the morning. I need it to be shot early to allow me to capture that volatile moment of emptiness.

The video starts with a shot of a lonely pigeon. Within the shot there is some text, which is meant to explain my idea of how I feel the way a crowded place like london has changed with the integration of new technology.

Technology is meant to be innovative in bringing people together.

But when you go out onto the streets…

… people appear withdrawn from each other.

This scene then cuts to a shot of a 3D version of the title of the documentary, isolation, which has been composited into a quiet road. I saw a tutorial on this blog site called, Greyscale Gorilla, where I was shown how to create and composite 3D text using Cinema 4D and After Effects. I was drawn to this tutorial because this new innovate feature called, Global Illumination. It allows you to light a 3D object more realistically using the pixel data in the video you want to composite into. I’ve tried this with great success and I feel a great sense of achievement because I remember that I really wanted to master basic compositing in the first year. However, during the pre-crit session and from Tony Chance, the reaction to this shot was a bit disappointing as they felt it just didn’t fit in with the whole video. So between now and the final deadline, I am aim to remove that shot and replace it with something different AND without the 3D text.

The documentary properly kicks in with a slightly more upbeat version of the song. I decided to shoot using the 8mm app as it creates a very authentic look to shots. The style of the music has a subtle vinyl scratching sound to it, which reminds me of old films, so I thought it would work quite well.

All the shots are from my perspective whilst I was sat on the train to London. I was in the middle of writing up a synopsis of the idea of technology making people appear isolated. As I was doing that, I noticed a couple of people around me who were engaged with their mobile phones. I decided to film them as part of my project.

Things to do:

  • Shoot Beginning Shots
  • Shoot more close-up shots
  • Re-shoot a few time-lapse videos

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