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Some More Video Inspiration
March 30, 2012, 1:04 am
Filed under: Extended Major Project, Video

As I’m nearing the completion of my video, I still like to see what other people have shot on their iPhone and see if I can in anyway improve what I’ve got. When you edit a video, you’re constantly going over it and eventually you become a bit bored of what shot so I do like to make some radical changes last minute if I’m inspired by something I’ve seen.

Bus’s People

Here’s a new video that’s been uploaded to the iPhone cinema group on Vimeo. I think this has been shot in the way I’ve been shooting as the general public aren’t aware that they’re being filmed. Also the shots are quite low, which also hints this was shot in discretion. It’s interesting that person who made this, decided to substitute instrumental music with the ambient sounds of birds in an outdoor environment. It’s creates a unique juxtaposition.

Filmed by iPhone 4s. In Tampa Bay, Fl.

New York 2012

Again this is another recent video uploaded onto Vimeo. This was shot using both the Canon 5D Mark II and the iPhone 4S. I think the majority of it was shot on the Canon 5D, but their are some shot towards the end, which I’m sure were shot on the iPhone.


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