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Shots for Introduction
April 4, 2012, 12:45 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

I’ve been finishing off the editing for my documentary with the completion of the introductory shots.

I wanted to try and construct as best I could, an indicatory sequence to my documentary that conveyed the idea of remoteness or abandonment. To film in a city, you are often caught up in the buzz of things, so the challenge was for me to capture the complete opposite to generate this juxtaposition.

I’ve layer out a series of shots below, that shows the introduction sequence in chronological order. The video begins with a close up shot of a street in the early hours of the morning with thick steam evaporating into the air. Then there’s a cut to an establishing shot of the same location. These two particular shots were spontaneous to film and use in the final edit. I was on my way to the train station early one morning and this particular street caught me eye. It had great lighting and it was empty with no-one walking around so it immediately linked well to the concept of my for the introduction. I was also drawn to the steam billowing from the basement. I felt this added a nice touch the scene.

As I arrived to a very quiet London morning along South Bank, I decided to mount my phone to my gorilla tripod and start shooting some static shots. South Bank is famously busy most of the time so it was great to have the opportunity to show it in a quiet state.

I was primarily filming round the area where there is a very well known skateboard arena. It draws a lot of attention to skateboarders and graffiti artists during the day and it’s a place where they can indulge in being free and creative. I chose to film a few shots of this place because it was completely at the empty at the time. This was unusual to me as I’ve always walked passed it and it always has at least a few people skating around. I think both those shots have some irony to them as the graffiti on the walls appear very vibrant and busy to look at, yet the environment is peaceful.






Here is the developed introductory video in action.


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