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Another Layered Sequence – The Process
April 7, 2012, 12:03 am
Filed under: Extended Major Project, Photography, Photoshop

Here is another layered image consisting of separate photographs that have been taken at different moments within the same location. I’ve laid out a step by step process of how the final image developed. It’s a very fiddly process with trying different opacity levels and different blending modes. The settings I used varied between all the other layered images I’d be working on. I just continually tweaked each setting until I was satisfied that image showed the events of each shot clearly in the overall piece. I altered the opacity of each image to help show each subjects change of position in each shot.

The first photograph in the screen shot above, shows the first photograph of the sequence with people standing on an empty platform.

The second photograph shows the same people on the platform, but in the distance , you can see a train pulling into the opposite platform.


The third image combined with previous two shots shows the train fully arriving to the platform. This to generate a sense of time and movement within the shot.

The fourth image was taken when a second train pulled into the station but at the platform I was standing on.


The final shot shows all the images layered on top  of each other. The fifth photograph consists of the passengers getting onto the train. With all these shots combined, I’ve captured a series of moments in one image to generate a unique narrative.


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