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Experimenting with Decim8 Graphic Effects
April 8, 2012, 2:30 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

I’ve been playing around with the Decim8 app on my phone to generate some really dynamic distorted graphics to an ordinary photograph. With the latest update, you have more control of the effects applied to an image. There are 21 different categories designed to completely restructure an image and make it something unique each time you re-process it. Each of the categories have about five different graphical design effects,which you can change simply by pressing on the icon and each time it changes the settings to a different effect.


Here is some more information on the app…

Whilst I’ve been out filming over the last couple of weeks, I also managed to snap up some photographs. Here are a selection of four photos depicting the sense and emotion emotion of isolation. To me the photographs are quite self-explanatory and fit in with the theme of the documentary.

The first was something I accidentally took by mistake. I was actually adjusting the volume on my headphones, which also acts as the trigger button for the camera shutter and I ended up taking this, what appeared to be, random shot. Ironically, it actually  ties in nicely with my project. There is a person in the middle of the shot, standing by the pillar, talking on their mobile phone. I like the fact he is in the centre of the shot, because it comes across as him isolating himself from the crowd. I also make an appearance in the form of a shadow.

The second photo pretty much speaks for itself. The person is clearly listening to music and interacting with his mobile phone. He’s fully engaged with his technology that he appears completely unaware of his surroundings. He didn’t even acknowledge my presence despite myself discreetly taking this photograph. I was fortunate enough to have taken this shot at a time when the station was relatively empty. This emptiness within the shot adds to the illusion of the subject existing in his own world. I like the way he’s positioned, leaning against the pillar and completey fixated on his mobile phone. One thing I’d mention as I was making this documentary, I noticed that many people, especially when they’re talking or texting on their mobile phones, they migrate to a small space where they can concentrate.

The third photo was taken at another tube station, just as a train was departing from the platform. One thing I try and aim to capture in a photograph and that is ‘movement’. To me, movement is a great expression for showing things in a natural way. I’ve selected this image because the train pulling away from the platform represents this idea in my mind that, which perceives people who are constantly connected with their technology see the world in a blur. Again, like in the previous image, the emptiness of the platform conveys this idea of loneliness that people enforce upon themselves.

The fourth photo was another spontaneous image that I captured whilst on a tube train. It shows a group of passengers sat in one carriage but all spaced out from each other. Only person on the train is on their phone, while the other are reading a newspaper or magazine. However, what I like about the image is that it shows everyone is just cut off from even looking at one another. To me this is a strong representation of how a train carriage looks, whether it’s busy or empty, people’s interaction is becoming minimal.

The Original Images



The Graphical Images






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