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New Additional Shots & Ending sequence
April 19, 2012, 1:01 am
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New Additional Shots

I went up to London on the Monday just gone to do some experiment shots for my project. Despite it being a Monday, it was actually a nice sunny morning and the station looked particular photogenic and I couldn’t resist to do a bit of filming.

At the beginning of my documentary when it cuts to the 8mm shots on the train, I was feeling it doesn’t really flow that well because I was thinking about what the audience would think if they were watching this. I wanted to make it clearer a little bit clearer as to why there was a cut to shot on the train. I thought if I could get a few shots at Bournemouth rail station and have them before the actual shots on the train, it would make that idea that I’m travelling to London to observe people.

As I mentioned, the weather was nice and sunny so it worked well in my favour for continuity as the 8mm shots dramatically show strong lighting if it’s sunny day.


I just feel that these few additional shots help generate the narrative of the piece by showing the audience that I’m travelling to London myself to observe the teaming crowds of people.

Ending Shots

I want to end the documentary in a similar approach to introduction. I used the the ambient version of the song, Isolate, to slowly build up the mood the of documentary. The original song at the end becomes more broken down and ambient sounding; therefore I’ve decided that it maybe a nice idea to show the day ending, as I’ve documented the start of the day during the intro. I had a decent amount of footage that I’d shot around the early evenings during my visits to London  when the sun was setting. I was able to capture some really impressive shots with really strong colour contrasts.

In some of the shots, such as the man walking into camera which then fades into the South Bank shot, I wanted to emulate the idea of the documentary  in a different way by showing the sparseness of the individuals. Everyone is walking alone.

I feel one of the best shots I’d captured was the end shot of the man listening to music on the train. It was completely spontaneous and it really justifies the freedom of filming on a mobile phone. I literally saw this unique composed shot crop inside my head as I was looking out of the opposite window at the sunsetting. I also like the added touch of the light rays bleeding into the shot, because it’s shining in the direction of the man sitting on the train; therefore emphasising him as the focus point of the shot.





I’ve rendered out a video of the end sequence to give you a better idea of how it’s edited.


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