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Digital Publication Changes
May 4, 2012, 12:11 am
Filed under: Extended Major Project, Graphic Design, Photoshop

I’ve done some changes to the images and the layout of the text of the poem, which describes isolation. Firstly I changed some of the background images, because I felt the other images were really distorted to the point that they didn’t project anything to the overall piece. The reason I chose this poem is because it’s very descriptive of the emotion that isolation gives off. I think this helps convey’s my message that I’m trying to get the audience to understand.

Landscape View                                                 Portrait View




I’ve animated each sentence so that they appear one by one down the page. This is meant to help the user navigate through the publication. I’m a new user to Indesign, and I’ve been having a great difficulty animating these versus as they disappear after the animation is applied. I was informed by Phil that the animation feature in Indesign is not working properly, so I’ve had to turn to After Effects to create the animations. I created simple keyframes that increased the opacity of each sentence from 0-100%. Here is a montage of all the pages in both Landscape and Horizontal view.


Unfortunately, these videos didn’t work smoothly in Indesign. I was unable to have the last frame freeze on the page so that the user could read the excerpts of the poem. The video would just return to the beginning of the animation and become quite pixelated. I decided that since I’ve not been able to create animations in the first place in the digital publishing suite, then it wasn’t meant to be. I was hoping to make the publication appear a bit more dynamic, but as I’m progressing through the production stage I’m constantly having to take a step back.


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