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1 Day Shoot In London
May 5, 2012, 8:01 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

Since we’ve been given a weeks extension  to hand in our EMP, I wanted to make the most of that opportunity. As I’ve mentioned before I want to improve the video montage sequence. I’ve been questioning it quite a bit and I feel I could turn it into something more interesting. I had this idea that instead of the shots fading into one another, they could build up the scene by appearing one by one, like in the example I’ve sketched out.

I’m not so keen on the sound from the sequence so I’m going to scrap it and replace with a nice soundtrack, by none other than MOBY! Yes, I know I’ve used his music a lot but the man makes great music and it inspires me. I’ve requested a track called, Lenox, which is has this really nice rhythm that stays pretty consistent throughout. It’s quite minimalistic, but then again I’m also trying to achieve some level of minimalism in the visuals I’m producing.

Short Action Plan

Monday – Shoot (All day in London)

Tuesday – Edit

Wednesday – Render

I’m setting myself one day to shoot more additional shots in order for me to efficiently edit and the output with some spare time before the deadline. Ideally I’d like to have the editing all completed on the Tuesday and therefore; Wednesday I can render the video out and publish it to my digital publication.

I am feeling slightly under pressure by making this radical change at this point, however I think this will actually be great practice for me to see if I can achieve something new in a short amount of time.


I managed to do everything to schedule for when I said I would do it. The video is now complete with sound and will be uploaded soon onto Vimeo. I went into After Effects and spent the whole day putting together these shots and rendering them out to be ready to import into Premiere Pro.

For now, here are a few shots that didn’t make it to the cut.

I felt some of the shots didn’t really work for the final piece as they seemed a bit random and suffered too much movement in the frames.


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