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Photography Slideshow Complete
May 5, 2012, 8:46 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project, Photography, Photoshop

The photography slideshow on digital publication is complete with 12 photos that the user will be able to tap and play and swipe through with their finger. I would like to add a short clip of music for the user to play if they wish to listen to, whilst swiping through the slideshow. I have already created a 1 minute clip of the ambient version of Moby’s song, Isolate. All I need to now is create a simple button in photoshop, so that the user can tap to play and stop playing the music.

Landscape View                                                  Portrait View


I’ve made some changes to the outcome of the photos to make the subject stand out more.

Initial Outcome

Latest Outcome

In some of the photographs, the subject wasn’t quite distinguishable to pick out because the image had to many layers trying to show through. I later decided that it would be better to cut around the subject in of the photographs and layer it on top of everything else. That way the subject would stand out clearer. I’ve selected one of my images as an example of the changes I’ve made. I also made some colour correction to the final images so that they correlate with the grading of the documentary. I went for the 2 strip Technicolor look as I felt it blended well together with the colours of the footage I shot on the 8mm app.

I also cut around the shadow of the subject, as a different layer, and aligned it over the previous image.


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