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Final Publication Uploaded
May 12, 2012, 11:58 pm
Filed under: Extended Major Project

I’ve finally managed to upload the final version of my publication to the digital publishing suite online and have it downloaded onto the iPad. I decided to take some screenshots of all the pages in both orientations to show the layout of the article as you swipe vertically.

Front Cover.


Swipe down to next page, which has a short extract of a poem. The rest of the poem continues as you work your way to the end of the publication.


The next page is the documentary page which is the main attraction to this publication. This documentary video is where the whole project derived from and has been my main focus. There is also a small synopsis underneath the video, which the user can scroll through to read whilst watching the video. There is also the option to view the video in full screen mode, which can be done when the video is tapped. This will bring up the controls menu and along it will have the full screen button and when it’s pressed the video will automatically go into full screen mode.


After watching the video, the user can then carry on exploring by swiping down. This will take you to the next page, which shows the second extract from the poem.


When you swipe to the next page you will come to the photography page. On this page, there is the option to tap the image and the slideshow will play automatically, or the user can swipe through the images manually themselves. As an additional feature, I embedded some audio on the page, which is a small excerpt from the audio I used in the documentary. This can be heard when the user taps the speaker icon on the bottom left hand corner. To stop the music, you just tap the icon again.


Once the user has finished viewing the photography gallery, they can then carry on scrolling to the next page, which shows the final excerpt of the poem.


Then after swipe down again, you then arrive to the final page of the publication. I called this the video montage page because I created another short video, that was inspired by David Hockney.


I made a short video demonstrating this publication fully working on the iPad. The only issue I have with it is the orientation switch between landscape and portrait as they don’t seem to correlate together. In the video you will see the page will go blank when switching to a different orientation. You have to swipe around quickly to bring in the different orientation. I’m unsure if this something that can’t be avoided as the digital publishing suite is still not 100% efficient in it’s workflow. However, I’m still pleased that both orientations can still be viewed on the iPad, despite this annoying glitch during the transition.


I’ve finally managed to overcome the orientation issue on my digital publication. I discovered that I was creating two separate articles, which didn’t correlate with each other.


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