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Professional Development & Vimeo Pro
February 23, 2012, 6:11 pm
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As I’m now reaching the end of my time at uni, I’ve just been introduced to my last unit of my course called, professional development.

This unit is designed to get us to reflect and focus on our specific knowledge and skills that we’ve embraced throughout the course and using that to direct us towards our chosen path of employment. This unit will help prepare us to start planing how we will enter our field of work in the media industry.¬†The EMP is our final practical project where we have the opportunity to take all our skills learnt in the previous project and develop them to be acquired to our desired jobs. The majority of reflection in terms of our work will be focused on the EMP.

As part of this unit, I’ve started looking into creating a unique approach to my portfolio. Since the majority of my work is video based, it makes sense to research this new way of marketing yourself to clients.

‘Vimeo PRO is a simple and extremely affordable video solution for businesses. We’ve been hearing from companies for years about how they would love to use Vimeo for commercial purposes (something our current platform prohibits) so we’ve built a service and added some tools that we think small businesses and organizations will find very useful.’

Portfolios¬†allow PRO members to create unique, stand alone, fully customizable websites, without any Vimeo branding, to promote and showcase their videos and service. Need a website? With Portfolios you can create one in minutes without having to type a line of code.’

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