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Terrorists Biography
May 4, 2010, 9:00 pm
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For the the final piece of this unit, we need to have the videos uploaded onto a website complete with each characters biography. The biographies are to enable the audience of who these characters are. Since this is not a typical drama, where TV shows that talk about the characters and plots, this is entirely up to the audience to get background information on the characters. Below is a summary of each terrorist character in the drama.

Leader – T3h M4n

Leader of the 1337 H4x02z, T3h M4n actually has little hacking knowledge, but for what he lacks in skill, he makes up in balls! He is the final say in the operation and will stop at nothing to fulfill his agenda.

Cameraman – Gu2u

Gu2u is the younger brother of T3h M4n, thus the only reason why he is a part of the operation. He is incompetent, not having a clue how to use technology. He does however know how to roll a joint like no other, which may explain his presence.

Doubter – Qu4nd2y

Qu4nd2y first started hacking at the age of 14. Now at the age of 20 his 6 years of internet hacking has made him an essential component to the 1337′s operation. Despite his experience in the field Qu4nd2y lacks the confidence that most internet hackers possess. This can be attributed to his sheltered upbringing, it’s a surprise Qu4nd2y ever became an internet hacker!

Maniac – P5ych01d

P5ych01d grew up outside of new york. His fear of his surroundings cause him to inflate his personality in an attempt to be accepted. This often fails with hilarious results.


Compositing Video Footage
April 27, 2010, 8:04 pm
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So far, using Keylight in After Effects proves to be a better option than Colour Key in Premier Pro. I opened up a new composition in After Effects and imported the finished edited piece along with the empty room shot we recorded at Sopley. I dragged the Sopley Footage onto the composition first, then changed the size so it fitted the composition, like I’ve done below.

Then I dragged the footage we shot in the EP Room, on top of the Sopley Footage. I made sure I selected the right scene I wanted to green screen before I went any further. As you can I also altered the size of the footage so it fits into the composition nicely.

Then when I was happy with the size, I then went to Effects, Keying and then selected Keylight. This brought up the Keylight menu on the left hand side of the screen. All I needed to do now was to select the colour of the green in footage using the eyedropper tool which removes all the green screen instantly.

This screen shot below shows the result after using the eyedropper tool. It removes the entire green screen; therefore the Sopley footage can now be seen instead. There needs to be some tweaking to make the green screen footage blend in much better with the background, such as the lighting being having a slight blue tint to give it that cold like it is in the background.

Below is a video extract of this scene…

Video backdrop
April 27, 2010, 5:41 pm
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Ok so today I’ve created the final version of the backdrop for the terrorist green screen. The visual will only be shown when the terrorists make their demands.

I have used the same effect as the test version I did before. This time I changed the colour to blue because it looks futuristic and is often associated with technology so it fits well with the cyber terrorism theme.

Below is the rendered video for the backdrop…

Filming complete!
April 23, 2010, 11:12 pm
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The terrorist group managed to film all the scenes we had planned. All the scenes we filmed were done with a green screen backdrop. The original intention of the green screen was to use it so we could apply some motion graphics in the background so for the terrorist demand video. We tried to make the look of all the shots look really amateurish… which I think we did a good job of.

Before Easter, we had the opportunity to test out the lighting with green screen but never managed to film any of the scenes. So once again, we had to replicate the lighting set up for the green screen. This was to ensure we get the lighting as identical as we could to the lighting we had on location when we filmed at Sopley. This was basically a process of trial and error.

We are now into Post production with editing and adding some special effects. Today me and Graham started the editing and re-wacthed all the footage so we can now decided how to piece the video together. After watching through all the footage, I don’t see how this video will come across as a serious drama!

Text Animation for Video Backdrop

We decided we wanted to make a simple type of motion graphic using typography to be displayed in the background of the video. I’ve just gone into after effects and experimented with the light Burst effects, applied onto some text. I basically key framed the Ray Length and Pivot Position so it creates some motion.

This is nothing extravagant, it’s just a simple and effective animation for the logo of the terrorist group. This is just a draft, so the text maybe different and I might apply some more effects on the final version.

Matching Lighting
March 24, 2010, 10:00 pm
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Today we did some tests for the lighting using green screen so we could make the lighting identical to the other lighting we had when we filmed at Sopley. Below is an image of the final result we go and it actually works really well, apart from there’s no shadow from the bottom of the chair.

Composition 2 - Green screen footage.

Once we had filmed the lighting using the green screen, I then opened up After Effects. I created two new compositions and imported the footage we had shot at Sopley and dragged it onto the first composition and then Imported the footage we shot using green screen and dragged it into the second composition. On the second composition I used key light to remove the green screen from the background. I then masked around the lecturer sitting down, so that all that was on the composition was just the lecturer and a black background.

I then pre-comped (dragged) composition 2 onto composition 1, which allowed me to fit the lecturer into the empty scene of the room the we recorded at Sopley.

Composition 1 - Empty scene we filmed at Sopley.

This isn’t shot I used to place the lecturer into because there is a chair infront of the green screen but the shot I did use was exactly the same but without the chair. Below is the final result of compositing the green screen footage into the video footage we shot at Sopley, therefore; faking the location.

short form video (production)
March 16, 2010, 8:29 pm
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Today our group (The terrorists) began the production of our drama, Hostage, by filming at Sopley, along with the lecturer, police and TV groups.

We basically filmed the last scene where the police raid the terrorists base. This shoot very important because we knew this would be the one opportunity to use the facility, so we had to make the most of it. We had already planned to film a still shot of the interior of the location we were filming in. Then using the green screen back at the uni we would be able to composite the shot of the interior onto the green screen; therefore the rest of what we film will be at done at the uni.

This is a very challenging task. Hopefully, to get the best result of making it look as real as possible, we made sure we shot some footage of someone sitting on a chair using the same camera angle. This will help us to match the lighting so that the footage taken at Sopley and the footage taken at the uni is seamless.

The green screen we used to day would be used for the background visual for the terrorists video for when they make their demands. We are going to create some computer graphics for their background.

Below are some photos I took whilst we were on the shoot.

Risk Assessment & Recca Report (Short Form Video)
March 10, 2010, 12:07 pm
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Our group is due to film next Tuesday. In order to prepare for this we have had to do a risk assessment. For my group, the shoot on Tuesday, these are our risks:

Props – Air Rifle – Risk of being shot

  • Make sure safety cap is on.
  • Make sure gun is not loaded.
  • Make sure gun is not mis-used and is in the company of someone responsible at all times.

Members of Public – Public mistaking filming for reality – Risk of police involvement

  • Filming indoors – out of public eye.
  • Have signs displayed to warn people that filming is in progress.

Recca Report

Most of where we are filming will be based in the EP room, which our group will be the base for the terrorists. Pretty much most of the footage is going to be green screened due to having a one day shoot at Sopely, which is the actual location for the terrorists, and most of the day is going to be based around shooting the scene where police raid the terrorists hideout.

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