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my own street art (photoshop)
January 5, 2010, 6:23 pm
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My street art styled Image (Bournemouth Beach)

I’ve been really into street art the moment and I decided to have a go at making my own street art styled image in photoshop. I owe it to Banksy and Mr. Brainwash who have influenced me to indulge myself in their artistic world. Although street is not entirely legal, it’s a great way for artists to get their messages and opinions across to the public because they are forced to see it.

Here is the original image that I took at Bournemouth.

I went into photoshop, duplicated the layers and altered the Threshold to get the black and grey tone effect. I’ve already done a post on this process a while ago. Here is the image after I adjusted the threshold.

The next stage I took was creating a grungy looking background. I opened up a new photoshop file. I then went to the colours pallet and chose a very light creamy colour and filled the new blank with that colour using the paint bucket. Next I went to the filter tab on the top bar, and scrolled to render and selected clouds. The cloud filter seemed to dominant on the page so I went to edit and then fade to make it look more subtle.

The image below is a small section of my photoshop document to show what the cloud effect looks like over the cream colour.

Ok, I felt the cloud filter wasn’t enough for the background as it looked a bit plain and needed to have bit more texture. I managed to download some new brushes that were specially designed for creating grungy looking backgrounds. Before I applied the brush effects, I created a new layer and then I was able to freely add more detail to the background using the brushes. There was some adjusting needing to be done with the opacity after applying the brushes so it mixed better with the cloud filter. I also used a couple of different colours, black and green so effects stood out. Below is another small section of my photoshop document after the brush effects were applied.

Lastly I imported my original photograph into photoshop and dragged it onto the grungy background page. I duplicated the photograph and selected the top layer. Then I went to the threshold and altered it’s settings. The reason I chose to alter the the threshold for the top layer is so that the colour from the original photograph will show up through.

Image above shows just the top layer. Image below shows the bottom layer (original photo) underneath because the colour is showing through.


Banksy Inspired Artwork
October 9, 2009, 10:57 pm
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This is a photo I took on Bournemouth Beach. I’ve been really into Banksy’s work  recently and I decided to try out something new with photoshop and created something in his style. Below will show you the process I went through to create this image.


Just above is the original image I used when I opened it up in Photoshop. To begin with, I changed the image to black and white.

Picture 1

After that, I went to layer and then I duplicated the image to create an extra layer. The key thing I learned in this process is layering. This will enable you to create the toning effect.

Picture 1

Then I went to ImageAdjustments and then Threshold. The Image above shows the Bottom layer of the image. I increased the threshold for the bottom layer as it will give more tone to the overall piece.

Picture 3

I did the same for the top layer. I went back to threshold but this time I decreased it so that it so that the bottom layer will show up more.

Picture 4

The next step I took was to bring the dark tones of the bottom layer through to the top layer. To do this I used the rubber tool. I made sure the opacity of the rubber was 50% so when parts of the bottom layer shows through, it comes through a grey sort of color which creates some definition in the image. I then saved the image as JPEG which converted it into one layer. I felt there was quite a big white space, in the top left side of the image, so I decided to add some typography. The typography was very easily done. I chose a ‘grungy’ looking font that suited the style of image and position so it was slightly tilted.

Mr. Brainwash Mini Documentary
September 7, 2009, 10:17 pm
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Mr. Brainwash talks about his career as an artist and street art in  his Los Angeles studio.

Mr. Brainwash Artwork
September 7, 2009, 4:06 pm
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Kanye West

“Mr. Brainwash is a force of nature, he’s a phenomenon. And I don’t mean that in a good way.” – Banksy

Mr. Brainwash (also known as Thierry Guetta) is one of California’s most prolific street artists today. He began his career as a filmmaker. It wasn’t until he started documenting the works of Obey, back in 1999, that he decided to divert from film making and move into the world of street art. It was the introduction to Banksy that got Mr. Brainwash more involved in this field of art. He started out making hand drawn stickers, which he soon progressed from and eventually began creating giant sized paste-ups to display his artwork. His iconic work can be witnessed around the streets of New York and Los Angles.

Source: Art Republic

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